'How To Free Yourself From Trauma, Phobias & Anxiety In 7 Days Or Less

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At Last, Recent Breakthroughs in The Science of Brain Functioning Offer The Promise of Nearly INSTANTANEOUS RELIEF from Fears, Phobias And PTSD That Might Otherwise Have Required Years of Conventional Psychotherapy, Drugs Or Both...

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...97% of people who use this breakthrough method become free from panic, phobias, nightmares, flashbacks, PTSD symptoms, and anticipatory anxiety quickly and permanently (as seen on the Discovery Health Channel, The Style Network, The Montreal Gazette, KNX 1070 NewsRadio Los Angeles, and others)!

From The Desk Of Robert Mantell, Ph.D., C.M.C., C.M.Ht.

  • Founder and Executive Director of BrightLife Phobia
    And Anxiety Release Center
  • Member of the American Counseling Association,
  • The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and
  • The National Center for Crisis Management


Monday, September 21, 2009

  • Are you feeling anxious, stressed out, tired, depressed, or just plain overwhelmed?

  • Do you find yourself staying home instead of going out, just to avoid anxiety-provoking situations?

  • Have your phobias, panic, anxiety or post-traumatic stress symptoms defied all types of treatment, including psychotherapy, drugs, and behavior modification?

  • Do you find yourself losing sleep due to intense anticipatory anxiety nearly each and every night?

  • Have you researched fear and anxiety in depth, searching desperately for an answer — reading books, listening to tapes — and yet you still find yourself in the same place you started?

  • Do you find yourself asking the constant “What if?” questions, seemingly day after day — unable to stop these thoughts no matter how hard you try?

  • Has your anxiety, fear or panic become so bad, it’s interfering with your work, your family, and relationships?

  • Do your phobias seem to just come and go, without any apparent rhyme or reason?

  • Does the fear of losing control, going insane, passing out, or even dying pervade your thoughts day and night?

  • Do you sometimes feel like giving up? Have you gotten to the point where you see no hope, no matter where you turn for help?

Dear Anxiety Sufferer:

In the next few moments, I'm going to show you how you can be 100% free of the unfortunate, often unbearably painful remnants of past traumatic events — within the next 7 days or less — maybe the next HOUR. In fact, many people who apply what you're about to learn become totally free from even lifelong fears, phobias, nightmares or other related anxiety symptoms in as little as 20 minutes.

At first glance, I realize this may sound like a rather wild claim. But I assure you, we do it all the time with our clients here at BrightLife Phobia And Anxiety Release Center in Southern California, and by telephone as well when a visit to California is not a reasonable option.

In fact, we just saw a 25-year-old man in our offices last week, and helped him clear an intense life-long phobia of blood in less than 10 minutes using the very same mental exercises you can learn right now — from the comfort of your own home or office — with our self-paced home-study version of the powerful Accelerated Personal Breakthrough Technology we offer here at BrightLife called, "How to Free Yourself from Trauma, Phobias And Anxiety in 7 Days Or Less!"

Here's what he had to say about his experience:

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The Best Kept Secret In Weight Loss

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More on that in a moment. But first, let me introduce myself...

Who IS This Guy Anyway?

My name is Christopher Guerriero, and I am the founder and CEO of The National Metabolic and Longevity Research Center.

For nearly 2 decades, I've been studying every weight loss, metabolic enhancement, and longevity program that I and my team could get our hands on, to determine exactly how they improve a person’s metabolism, longevity, and their ability to burn fat.

I took every program apart, dissecting it piece by piece to determine the most valuable aspects of each theory or approach while discarding the rubbish.

And with my findings, I've discovered a fast, simple way to speed up your metabolism and lose weight permanently, while also increasing your energy levels and reversing many of the signs of aging.

The results? Well, I'll let you hear those for yourself...

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Forex Trading Strategies

Forex Trading Strategies and Systems used in Professional Forex Trading

" The Ultimate Forex Trading Strategies and Systems Delivering Profits Week After Week"

Learn these Forex trading strategies and Forex systems on 4 hour and daily charts, or if your time is really limited, you can trade just the Daily charts. Learn this simple strategy which is desgined to scalp for a quick 100 pips or leave the trade on for hours or even overnight to make 200 or more pips.

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Watch The Forex Interview video and Deside.


The Oil Trading Business

Forget Forex, Trade Oil! New EA now available for purchase in the Members Area.

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30 Min Oil chart showing what you will see on your screen when the system is loaded into MetaTrader on your computer.


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Making People Management Easy

Employee Manual

The Simple Templates Designed to make Managing Your Employees a Breeze

Dear Fellow Manager

  • Do you waste hours dealing with staffing issues when you just want to get out and grow your business?

  • Do you employ people - but are not getting the results you want from them?

  • Do you find yourself repeatedly answering questions about entitlements and roles and responsibilities?

  • Would you like Australian HR Policies and Procedures that clearly spells out all of the boundaries, rules, expectations, rights and responsibilities for your company but you don't have the time to put them together?

The fact that you're here, reading this page means you are frustrated with how things currently are in your business and you want solutions. Right? Well, I'm glad you're here because I believe in ...

Making People Management Easy

Instant HR Policies & Procedures makes it easy for you to create plain English, easy to understand Human Resource Policies and Procedures. The secret is our comprehensive employee handbook template which is simply customisable for your company. In less than 30 minutes you will have easy to understand and up-to-date People Management Policies and Procedures covering everything from hiring through to termination.

Hi, my name is Ingrid Cliff and for over 25 years I have worked with Australian Businesses helping them put in place effective yet simple Human Resource Policies and Procedures. To tell you a bit more about myself, I have a Degree in Psychology and Industrial Relations and have worked in places as diverse as the Qld Industrial Commission as Research Officer to the Commission, I have been the Director of Human Resources for a large State Government Department as well as HR Manager for an aggressively expanding private sector company with offices across Australia.

I used to get really frustrated by what was available on the market to help me set up employee manuals for the companies I worked with. There were stacks of packages written for the USA market - but 90% of what was written just didn't work in Australia.

I tried pretty much everything written in Australia over the years from high priced yet brilliant products such as CCH to of course Maus's employee manual pack.

None of them had the detail I needed ... None of them covered the tricky stuff like social media ... None of them worked!

So, as part of my HR policy and consulting roles I spent months researching each policy to find out the best practice - implemented what I discovered in each company and then tweaked the results to improve the content. We tested every policy, every procedure in the real world. Each template was trialled, tested and tweaked until it was easy and worked.

When I started my own business, a number of my copywriting clients who knew of my HR background asked if I could recommend a useful employee manual template - as they were frustrated by what was on the market.

So, I started to share copies of my notes gathered from years of experience with them. Then the number of small businesses asking for my HR manual grew ... and it grew ... and it grew.

I finally edited all of my information, collated all of my notes, templates, forms ... everything into one place and the Instant HR Policies and Procedures Manual was born.

In my own business I have consulted to companies of up to 7000 employees as well as micro-businesses. I know what works and what is just expensive hot air and I can tell you ...... these procedures work!

So, What Are The Secrets of Easy HR?

It's simple (when you know how) ...

It's knowing about:

  • Fast Induction. Get your new team members fully productive weeks faster than before!
  • Exceptional staff. Discover the simple insiders tricks to hire and motivate exceptional team members
  • Dealing with "problem employees" safely and easily to get a win/win outcome.
  • How to have all of your team members turn up on time, every time.
  • Gaining hours of extra time each week for you. You waste hours every week repeating instructions, and chasing team members to do what you have asked. This kit provides you with simple tools to implement to end this wasted time forever.
  • Boosting productivity. When team members have clear boundaries, know what they are doing and the consequences of their actions - you will be amazed at your results!
  • Increasing your profits. More productivity means better profits for you and your company.

Now - I've made it easy for you to do that for your workplace

Instant HR Policies and Procedures will help both you and your team members become clear on expectations, performance, acceptable behaviour as well as help you meet your administrative and other requirements.

The employee handbook template is written in clear and easy to follow language, and is just like a recipe for success in your workplace. It contains all of my years of experience into one simple document ... just like having one of the top HR practitioners working beside you in your workplace.

Instant HR Policies & Procedures have been designed especially for Australian small to medium sized businesses that employ or are about to employ team members or staff.

Whatever your people management issue, you will find a solution. A solution that has been tried and proven in workplaces similar to yours by people just like you.

Here's 5 More Reasons You'll Want to Get Your Hands on "Instant HR Policies and Procedures"

  • Contains over 85 detailed individual policies and procedure employee templates covering all the major areas of HR including Recruitment and Selection, Conditions of Employment, Performance Learning & Development, Behaviour and Code of Conduct, Administration and Support.
  • Based on Australian Legislation and conditions.
  • Download Now - no waiting around for hard copy books or discs. In less than 5 minutes you can start improving your people management.
  • All contained in Word documents which makes it easy for you to insert your personal details such as your company name throughout the document.
  • 100% satisfaction or your money back.


Forex trading robots

ATTENTION: Anyone interested in Forex trading robots:

"I'll Teach You How to Succeed with FAP Turbo and other Expert Advisors"

You may have heard that 95% of all traders fail. How is it possible, then, that a trading robot like FAP Turbo can come along and practically promise to turn everyone into a successful trader? Something fishy is going on!

As a professional trader, I know the secrets to trading survival and becoming part of the "5 percent" that makes it. I wrote them down and put them in a Manifesto. Call me crazy, but I've decided to give away a chapter of my Manifesto for FREE to anyone who wants it.

Once inside, you'll learn:

  • Why you can't trust the claims on the flashy sales pages for the trading robots
  • Where to turn if you need real, unbiased help with your trading
  • How to have the best chance of surviving a total trading nightmare
  • What you can do to be successful with FAP Turbo and other trading robots
  • And much more...
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Finally you can learn...

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