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Do you know what the big computer companies are NOT telling you about your slow computer system that is costing you time and money?

Well you can finally relax because A REAL PC TECH GURU breaks five years of silence to reveal his greatest computer speed up secrets. These insider tricks most people will never hear about from other so called ‘experts’ because they want to keep you in the dark - constantly paying for expensive repairs and upgrades...

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Dear Fellow PC user,

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. My name is John Sweger, a certified computer support professional, and I have a question for you. I want to know if you are currently experiencing any of these problems on your Windows™ based personal computer…

Unbearably slow boot times?
Applications take forever to load?
Your internet browsing is very slow?
Opening multiple applications causes very slow response time?
You are constantly afraid of your PC freezing or crashing?

If so, you are NOT alone! Millions are frustrated by such issues that waste your precious time then I understand. And worst yet they fear a big repair bill or having to buy a brand new computer to fix you computer speed up problems. But don't panic because there is solution

which I am about to show you.

But first the true story behind all this. You see, as a PC technician I was always helping a lot of people (customers, friends, etc) fix and repair their older and slower computers.

Most people complained their system was too slow or not stable - something easy for me to fix at virtually no cost since most of their problems were not hardware related. However this took a lot of time, and I wanted to help more people.

Then I learned when they took these same computers into a big repair store they could be charged hundreds of dollars for the same work!

I was tired of seeing people RIPPED OFF by other so called "computer experts" who take your money but don't give you any true knowledge about fixing a slow PC (meaning in six months you will have to call them again).

Even major computer and software companies are behind these problems due to the way they design their software. They treat YOU - the innocent consumer - like idiots and take over your PC whenever you install new software.

So What is the Answer?

Here is the answer!!

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