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- By Michael Hill

September 19, 2009
Dear Friend,
nyone can learn how to search for Public Domain works online but... not everyone has the time to devote several hours a day putting these techniques into practice.
The most difficult task of using Public Domain publications is not formatting - it's actually finding the resources no one else knows about.

Imagine tapping into over 101 online sources that 99% of the population know nothing about, and churn out product after product that others will gladly buy from you for $24, $47, $97, even $597. It's like having your own secret stash of ready to use information products waiting for you to repackage and deliver to the world.

Fair Warning... This directory may be pulled at any time. I'm limiting the number of copies sold to stack the deck in your favor and give you a fair chance to make insane profits from this one-of-a-kind sources directory.

Before going any further you need to see this short video below and watch as I create a hot information product using public domain material.

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